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That Develops, Designs & Manufactures Carbon Based Energy Storage Devices


About 6th Element

6th Element is an incubator for cutting-edge technologies in the Energy Storage industry under the founding philosophy of always pushing the envelope of research for creating the next breakthroughs in Advanced NanoStructure Carbon-based Innovations.

We are guided by the vision of Changing the World through Innovative Carbon Research, Open Collaboration along with Strategic Alliances and Manufacturing Partnerships.


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Who We are

We are a dedicated group who develop, design, manufacture and commercialize next generation energy storage devices utilising a unique Advanced NanoStructure Carbon-based Technology that will profoundly change the global Power Sector.

Delivering transformational energy storage performance at a greatly reduced cost.


What We Do

With our exclusive chemistry and cell design, 6th Element has developed a completly integrated line of New Energy Storage Devices that are unique in today’s Market. Thanks to its incomparable and versatile Technology,  6th Element can also supply tailor made and added-value solutions to fit many clients' needs, easily implementing them to various application sectors. 






Nex Generation Battery


Electric-Vehicle Battery


Grid Battery


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How we do it

6th Element specializes in taking Carbon, nature’s own building block and the basis of all living matter and uses it for the advancement of energy storage. Carbon is one of the most important chemical elements, the most abundant and available on Earth at its simple body state, of which many Carbon-based structures are synthesized for the storage of energy.

Our Energy Storage Devices utilise Carbon which is derived from waste, biomass readily available raw materials, such as wood sawdust, pneumatic tires, seaweed, hemp and other fast growing plant species. The Carbon is then put through our own graphitisation process to maximize its energy density by volume at the most reasonable cost. The result is a very high surface area Carbon that forms the active material for our all our Carbon Energy Storage Devices.



6th Element strives to:



Positively change the Global Energy Paradigm


Accelerate and pave the way to a better Energy Future


Enhance Energy density, performance and cost


Ambassador for climate change

6th Element is an Ambassador for the environment by offering truly disruptive and transformational technologies that meet the ever-increasing efficient use of energy demands along with Worldwide efforts to reduce the growing bottleneck between renewable energy technologies and the electric load demand cycle.

Helping reduce the harmful waste, greenhouse gas emissions and industrialize green energy.


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